Urbanroll is excited to announce the upcoming 2023 edition of our popular music performance show, Urbanroll Sessions.
The show features talented artists from all over the Country, showcasing their music and Talent.

We are currently accepting applications from interested artists who want to be a part of this year’s show. Whether you’re an up-and-coming artist or a seasoned pro, we want to hear from you. Urbanroll Sessions is an excellent platform for artists to showcase their music, build their fan base, and connect with music lovers from all over the world.

To apply, please visit our website at www.urbanroll.net/urbanroll-session-application and fill out the application form. The application process is simple, and we will be accepting applications until the end of the month. We encourage all interested artists to apply as soon as possible to ensure that they are considered for the show.

We are looking for a wide variety of artists and genres this year. Our goal is to showcase the best talent from all over the country, and we believe that there is something for everyone on Urbanroll Sessions.

The show will be shot on location at our studio, and we will be taking all necessary safety precautions to ensure that everyone is safe and healthy. We are also taking steps to ensure that the show is accessible to everyone, regardless of location, by streaming it live on YouTube.

We are excited to see the talent that will be featured on Urbanroll Sessions this year and are looking forward to showcasing the best in music from around the world. Apply now and be a part of the 2023 Urbanroll Sessions.

urbanroll session application form

urbanroll session application form

Fill out the form below to be a part of our performance series, Urbanroll Session we will review your application and contact you if you qualify. Thanks for taking the time to apply!

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I understand that if my song is approved the performance fee is GHC 600