Disclosing the prices of the clothes and accessories he was wearing, Medikal said his necklace cost $62,000 (740,000), while his grillz cost $15,000.

Asked about his dress, the rapper told Pulse.com.gh: “I’m wearing myself. I like to wear myself. [My grillz] cost like $15K, my watch cost like $30K.

“My ring was a gift, I don’t even know how much it is. The shirt is just a regular T-shirt, the trouser is Gucci.

“This [necklace] is the most expensive thing I’m wearing. It’s like $62K,” the Cold and Trophies singer added.

Meanwhile, Medikal recently revealed that the only reason he has not given fellow rapper Amerado any attention is because he (Amerado) is below his level and does not deserve his time and attention.

According to the ‘Omo Ada’ hitmaker, he only pays attention to artists who are ahead of him in the game and thus would not waste energy on clout-chasers.

Amerado and I are not friends.” “I didn’t reply to him because I felt he was not at my level; he has still not reached my level, which is why I haven’t responded to him,” Medikal said.


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