The “Superman” singer stated that he would prefer to be recognized simply as Mr. Drew and not as a Ghanaian version of any individual.

According to Mr. Drew, the association with Chris Brown brings about significant pressure and may lead him toward certain things he actively tries to avoid.

“Lots of people call me Ghana’s Chris Brown but for me, I prefer they stop. I just want to be Mr. Drew and that’s all,” he expressed.

While acknowledging Chris Brown’s influence and greatness as an artist and personality, Mr. Drew emphasized his focus on creating his own unique identity and establishing himself on a larger scale.

He aspires to follow a similar path of global recognition and success, but he wants to be known by his own name, Mr. Drew, without the comparison to Chris Brown.

“Chris Brown has already established himself in the world and on a very large scale, so that’s what I’m also trying to do for my career. But don’t call me Ghana’s Chris Brown. I want to be known as Mr. Drew,” he asserted.

Mr. Drew expressed his preference to be recognized as an individual artist, aiming to make his mark in the music industry without the burden of being constantly compared to Chris Brown.


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